Beacon Kitchen

  • Taiwanese Style Basil Chicken

    Taiwanese Style Basil Chicken 三杯鸡
  • Garlic Butter Chicken

    Garlic Butter Chicken 蒜香牛油鸡
  • Hot Pepper Chicken

    Hot Pepper Chicken 辣子鸡
  • Chinese Boiled Chicken

    Chinese Boiled Chicken 白斩鸡
  • Yellow Wine Chicken

    Yellow Wine Chicken 黄酒鸡
  • Beacon Seaweed Chicken Essence

    How to Double-Boil Beacon Seaweed Chicken Essence
  • Swiss Chicken Wings

    Swiss Chicken Wings 瑞士鸡翼
  • Steamed Chicken with Goji Berries and Red Dates

    Benefits: improve blood circulation and strength, strengthen kidney, improve myocardial nutrition
  • Spring Onion Chicken Soup

    Benefits: treat colds, replenish energy, nutritious and nourishing
  • Stir-Fried Chicken with Broccoli

    Benefits: enhance liver detoxification, boost up immunity, posses antioxidant properties