Our Story

The Story Behind Beacon Chicken

At Beacon Chicken, we know the importance of good nutrition and natural food in ensuring a healthy life. A healthy diet aims to provide a good balance of nutrients for optimal body growth, development and recovery.

The nutritional value of chicken meat makes it an essential part of a healthy diet, and this is even more important for nursing cancer recovery patients back to good health at the Beacon Hospital. However, we found that many patients are afraid of eating chicken because of the possible association of hormones, antibiotics and other added chemical substances from commercially farmed chickens.

We decided to start the Beacon Chicken Farm to provide a source of natural, nutritious and quality chicken meat and chicken products, and in turn provide peace of mind for health-conscious consumers and our patients. After 10 years of R&D, Madam Mary Chen and a group of professional poultry breeders successfully developed our Specially Formulated Quality Feed and state-of-the-art farming methods to produce the natural and nutritious Beacon Chicken.

At the same time, the Beacon Hospital stayed true to our mission of providing quality healthcare and cancer treatments to patients. We are aware of the rising cost of treatments that have prevented many underprivileged patients from getting timely treatments. For the past 10 years, Beacon Hospital has worked tirelessly to help underprivileged patients through our Beacon CSR Welfare Programs. To date, Beacon CSR has channelled more than RM35 million in financial aid to help ease the burden faced by many underprivileged patients. As part of this program, Beacon Chicken pledges 5% of all Beacon Chicken sales to be channelled to the Beacon CSR Welfare Fund that provides financial assistance to underprivileged patients.

We sincerely invite our patrons to respond to our call to, “Make the healthier choice. Make a difference by helping others with every bite of Beacon Chicken”. We thank you for your support, generosity and commitment to a healthier food choice.