Beacon Hospital & Beacon Chicken CSR Contribution:

  • From Year 2010 — 2021 : RM45 million

  • 2022 Year To Date        : RM5,716,065


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At Beacon Hospital, it is our mission to provide quality healthcare and cancer treatments to all patients. Rising costs and social inequality prevents many underprivileged patients from getting timely treatments.

Beacon Hospital wants to make a difference by helping underprivileged patients through our Beacon CSR Welfare Programs. As part of this program, Beacon Chicken will be channelling 5% of all Beacon Chicken sales to the Beacon CSR Welfare Fund to provide financial assistance to underprivileged patients.

And with your support, we are taking a step to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged patients.

“Make the healthier choice. Make a difference by helping others with every bite of Beacon Chicken”. We thank you for your support, generosity and commitment to a healthier food choice.


If you’re a patient in need of financial assistance, we’re ready to listen, to assist, and to get you treatment

At Beacon Hospital, we wish to be your beacon of hope in times of need and difficulty. We understand that it is never easy for anyone to face a medical condition, that is life-threatening, and difficult to comprehend without expert medical advice.

But you are not alone. Speak with us. Seek medical advice quickly. Cancer is no longer an untreatable disease. In many cases, the advancement in science and technology has allowed many cancer patients to even the odds and defeat the disease. It is also with absolute certainty that, the faster you seek medical attention, the better your odds are to reduce the risks, and improve the chances of recovery.

At Beacon Hospital, we also know that the cost of cancer treatment has been rising, thus it is difficult for low income patients with financial challenges to start their treatment. For others, the high cost of follow-up care after their first treatment has forced some patients to skip critical treatment, and this puts in jeopardy their hard fought battle with cancer.

Do not give up. Beacon Hospital has prepared four (4) CSR Welfare Funds to assist low-income patients or patients who are currently facing financial difficulties.

Contact us.

Live in hope, do not live in uncertainty.

Patients who need help can contact Beacon Hospital's CSR officer via phone call to +6012 3286913 or email to csr@beaconhospital.com.my


CSR Welfare Funds available are:

a. Radiotherapy Welfare Fund    

The Radiotherapy Welfare Fund aims to subsidise the cost of treatment for low-income or underprivileged patients undergoing radiotherapy and/or radiosurgery.

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b. Chemotherapy Welfare Fund

Under normal circumstances, the cost of chemotherapy treatment can reach up to RM4,000 – RM6,000 per cycle, and patients require 4 – 8 cycles of treatment. Under the Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Welfare Fund program, eligible patients are only required to pay for about 10% of the charges. Beacon Hospital’s Chemotherapy Welfare Fund will subsidise the balance. 

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c. Targeted Therapy Welfare Fund

The Targeted Therapy Welfare Fund for Breast Cancer is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program initiated by Beacon Hospital, together with Roche Malaysia. The objective of this program is to reduce the financial burden of breast cancer patients by getting suitable patents access to targeted therapy (Trastuzumab). Under this program, eligible breast cancer patients are given access to this treatment at a subsidised rate. Patients are only required to pay RM2,500 per cycle for Trastuzumab treatment instead of the normal charge of RM10,000 per cycle.

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d. Colon Cancer Chemotherapy Welfare Fund

The cost of chemotherapy treatment for colorectal cancer is expensive, and often deters patients who have limited/insufficient financial means from obtaining timely treatments.

This CSR program aims to offer chemotherapy treatment to eligible patients at a fraction of the cost thus making treatment more affordable and accessible. Under the Colon Cancer Chemotherapy Welfare Fund program, eligible patients could obtain the same treatment with only 20% of the normal cost.

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