Seaweed Chicken Chop & Breast - 6pcs Bundle Mix

Seaweed Chicken Chop & Breast - 6pcs Bundle Mix

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Seaweed Chicken Chop & Breast - 6pcs Bundle Mix


The term mala is a combination of the Chinese words, meaning numb and spicy. 

Origin from the Sichuan province and the city of Chongqing, the savoury hot and mouth-numbing taste is a mixture of Sichuan pepper, red chillies, cooking wine and a handful of various spices.


Unlike the typical original flavour you’ve ever tasted, try out the freshest and juiciest original marinated chicken chop and breast from Big Daddy Chicken.


The must try Baba and Nyonya flavour. Sweet and sour in taste, with a little spicy touch, will take you back to the traditional Malacca.

Wild Mushroom

Mushroom and chicken, the classic combination. Popular amongst families with kids.

Indonesian Herb
Combination of lemongrass and authentic Indonesian spices,
As soon as I take a bite, the sharp taste of spices lands on my tongue.

Please click below link for Cooking Instruction:

Cooking Instruction

Seaweed Chicken - the 100% natural, healthier choice of chicken. Rich in essential nutrients and wholesome.

  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • No heavy metals
  • Fed with Specially Formulated Chicken Feed - a special blend of seaweed, moringa leaves, probiotics from Japan, Chinese herbs, protein, trace elements and vitamins.