Herbal Kampung Seaweed Chicken

Herbal Kampung Chicken (Half) - RTC

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Ready to Cook - Herbal Kampung Seaweed Chicken
100% natural, healthier choice of chicken. Rich in essential nutrients and wholesome.

The Chinese medicinal herbs used in this dish, Dang Gui, is known to boost energy, aid in stomach discomfort and regulate blood.

  • Half chicken
  • L size
  • Small batch production
  • Instructions:
    • Defrost by soaking vacuum packed in warm water for 10-15 mins
    • Boil water in pot
    • Cut open vacuum seal
    • Place chicken on plate
    • Steam for 30 mins
  • Vacuum packed
  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • No heavy metals
  • Fed with Specially Formulated Chicken Feed - a special blend of seaweed, moringa leaves, probiotics from Japan, Chinese herbs, protein, trace elements and vitamins.

5% of all Beacon Chicken sales will be channelled to the Beacon CSR Welfare Fund to help underprivileged cancer patients in getting treatment.