Promo - Premium Pure Plant Omega (800G) - 2 Cans Bundle

Promo - Premium Pure Plant Omega (800G) - 2 Cans Bundle

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Plant Omega is a nutritious plant based omega-3 curated by clinical nutritionist and consultant dietitians. It sources from 23 types of mixed whole grains formulated for all range of people from toddler to elderly.

• Complete and balanced nutrition that meets the daily requirements of macronutrients and micronutrients.
• Plant-based omega-3 especially suitable for vegan in managing cholesterol and anti-inflammation
• Lactose Free
• Suitable to be a dietary therapy tool.

Per Serving You’ll Get:
• 1100mg of omega-3
• 4.6g of dietary fibre
• 138 mg of calcium

*FREE 1 unit Stainless Steel Thermos*